With almost twenty years of playing live and in the studio, I bring my experience to the web, offering services as an online session drummer to record drum tracks for any project.

As more and more clients turn to online session drummers for their percussive needs, my goal is to give you the same quality you would get with a traditional recording sessions in a big studio, but at a price that won’t break a your budget.

Whether you are a producer or an artist, independent or represented by a label, local or international, I will give you the same professional and solid groove for your next recording.

How does it work? Send me a message describing what you need. I will listen to your song(s) and give you a quote. If you live nearby, you are more than welcome to take part in the recording session.

I have modern and vintage instruments, a wide array of snare drums and cymbals, a purpose built room for recording of drums, and state of the art recording equipment.

Please check out Double Decker Studios.

Remote Drum Recordings